Getting To Perth


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Shipping your life across the globe


So your visa process is well underway and you now have to decide what you are shipping – your whole household contents, your main furniture items and personal effects, or the bare minimum?  Whatever you decide, chances are you will need to employ a professional company to help you out and there are several options to the level of service they will provide, from a complete pack wrap and ship to an excess baggage and air freight service.

Personally we wanted to bring everything, our furniture was in good condition as was most of our electrical goods and believe us shipping will inevitably be cheaper than starting from scratch once you get here and buying a whole house worth of goods new.  Of course you could buy second hand when you first arrive to get you started, Gumtree is very good over here and is a great way to pick up anything you need without paying a fortune.

We can personally recommend two excellent shipping companies that will tailor their service to your personal requirements. John  Mason moved Sarah back in 2011 and PSS moved me (Sally) back in 2015.

If you are shipping your whole house contents an exclusive use container is probably the way to go.  As a rough guide a three bedroom house will fit in a 20ft container, we managed to get our 4 bedroom house in a 20ft container but haven’t got a huge amount of furniture and also didn’t bring any white goods with us.  Having your own container, transit should take approximately 8-10 weeks door to door.

If you haven’t got enough to fill a container you can share a container this is called groupage and is a cheaper option for those who aren’t bringing everything or want to keep the costs down.  The approximate transit time for a groupage service is 10-12 weeks.

If you are just taking personal effects with you then shipping boxes will be the answer, all packaging materials and cartons will be provided for you to pack up and you will get a door to door service including all customs clearances.