Are you thinking about migrating to Perth? We made the move and can help - Sarah, moved 2011
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Are you migrating to Perth?

We've done the research for you!

With it's warm climate, stunning beaches and cosmopolitan cities it's easy to see why 20,000 Brits emigrated to Australia last year making it the top destination for British emigrants.

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Or are you a New Arrival?

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Once we decided to make the move "Down Under" our thirst for knowledge on WA was insatiable! Our visa agent was fantastic with giving us general information but what we really needed was advice from someone here in Perth, already living the dream. Trying to obtain information on suburbs and schools was a nightmare. What we really needed was someone to tell us about all the things that don't jump out from Google when you research.




A huge thanks to all of our wonderful partners who've helped make living in Perth so much easier

Amazing WA Attractions!

We've done the research for you!

There are hundreds of things to see and do in WA and Perth so we have listed the top things that we feel are a must for those living in Perth, from the famous landmarks to the hidden gems.



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Download our FREE Relocation Survival Pack for all the do's and dont's of relocation and life in Perth

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We've done the research for you!

We love to share our experiences of living in WA with our APOP community through our blog and social media. We also encourage our followers to share their migration stories with us and we will showcase them in our Happy Migrant stories, just send us an email!

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