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The WA Outback

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The Outback

Western Australia’s Golden Outback region is one of the most spectacular and vast regions in Australia. From the deep red desert to the beautiful colours of the wildflowers, the whitest sands to the bluest coastline, WA’s Golden outback really does have it all.



Kalgoorlie Boulder is situated 590kms east of Perth and is Australia’s largest Outback City with a population of more than 30,000 people, it is located in the Eastern Goldfields region.

Kalgoorlie-Boulder is famed for it’s historic buildings, the main thoroughfare is Hannan Street which has a number of fine old buildings, including Old Australian hotel and York hotel and also important civic buildings such as the Town Hall and School of Mines building on Cassidy Street.

The Super Pit is probably Kalgoorlie-Boulders biggest attraction.  It really is only a hole in the ground, but a flaming big one at that and over the past 100 years has produced 1000 tonnes of precious metal, it is recognised as the richest square mile in the world.  Access to the viewing platform is off Outram Street, and is open from 6am-7pm daily, although the best time for photos is the middle of the day when shadows won’t obscure areas of the mine.  It is free of charge to enter.

School of Mines Museum houses a collection of over 3000 mineral samples as well as replicas of famous gold nuggets and will appeal to anyone with an interest in geology and mineralogy.  It is open Monday-Friday from 8.30am-12.30pm (although is closed on public and school holidays) and is free to enter.


Wave Rock

Wave rock is situated 340 km, or 3 to 4 hours from Perth, near the Wheatbelt town of Hyden.  It is one of Australia’s largest waves and is actually far away from the ocean.  It rises 15 metres above the plain and is a 110 metre multi-colour granite cliff, shaped like a wave.  You can follow the walk trails around the base and over the top, or pose on the wave for photo’s.  During wildflower season you will be surrounded by amazing colour as wildflowers bloom in their millions.  Visit Mulkas cave nearby where you can see over 450 ancient rock paintings telling the tale of the local Aboriginal legend.



Located on the South East Coast, 725km from Perth, the region consists of some of the most spectacular landscapes and coastlines in Western Australia.