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Top Northern Suburb Skate Parks

We've done the research for you!

Our sons are active and fun loving boys, and one of their favourite pastimes is riding their scooters. They love nothing better than going to a skate park, so when we told them we wanted them to try out the top northern suburb skate parks and rate them for the website they were up for the challenge!

The boys have rated the parks out of 5 for fun factor and difficulty. Us mums have rated them for convenience and whether there is other facilities available.  To view the boys video click here.

It can be daunting for kids when they find out they are moving to a new country. We thought we would get our kids involved in some of our features to show others, what to look forward to when they arrive. Or if you are already here and looking for ideas to entertain the kids then hopefully this will help.

Top Northern Suburb Skate Parks:

Kinross Skate and BMX Park  – 

Location – Turn off Connolly Drive onto Selkirk Drive and its behind the IGA.

Kids Rating – There are a lot of ramps so it is easier to learn new tricks and there is a small slope that makes it good for smaller kids. The bowl is very big for advanced people to challenge themselves.

Mums Rating – This is a great park that is easy to get to. It has a small play area and large open field next to it so is convenient if you have smaller children or a dog to walk. It also has a Supa IGA next door so perfect if you need to pick up some groceries while you’re there! Toilets, coffee and takeaway within the Kinross shopping centre.


Wanneroo Skate Park – 

Location – Next to the showground off Wanneroo Road.

Kids Rating – Not the best park, and not suitable for beginners. There’s not much to do and you need to be experienced to use the bowl.

Mums Rating – No other facilities or playgrounds here. No toilets.


Mirror Park, Ocean Reef – 

Location – Off Ocean Reef Road.

Kids Rating – This is an excellent park, we really love coming here. There is a lot of ramps, and is good for beginners and experienced people, there is a lot of room here. its a big skatepark! Our favourite.

Mums Rating – This is in a lovely area and has a kids playground and large open field, so perfect for bringing smaller children and dogs too. No toilets.

Kingsley Pump and Jump Trail – 

Location – Barridale Road.

Kids Rating – This is actually a BMX track rather than a skate park, but its really fun to ride around the tracks as you can do jumps and race fast. This isn’t really a park for doing tricks.

Mums Rating – This is a lovely place for small children and the older ones. There is a little track that the small kids can ride their scooters and bikes on, a small playground and then the large track for the bigger kids. The large track is colour coded for difficulty rating. No toilets.

Carine Skate Park – 

Location – Carine Open Space, off Beach Road.

Kids Rating – This is a great skate park, but is very busy at the weekends and small kids sometimes get in the way if you are trying to do tricks. VERY good for tricks and VERY fun.

Mums Rating – Carine Open Space is a great area for everyone. It has wide open grassed areas, BBQ facilities, children’s playground (not next to the skate park), walking paths through wooded and nature areas. There is also a small parade of shops across the road from the Open Space, so handy to grab a coffee or get some groceries while the older kids are at the skate park.


Leederville Skate Park – 

Location – Off Leederville Parade.

Kids Rating – This is an advanced skate park where the older kids hang out.  We didn’t feel so comfortable using this park.

Mums Rating – Leederville skate park is in a great location. There is a small playground and lovely cafe, perfect for getting a coffee while the kids are playing. Once they have had a play they might even let you have a browse in some of the little shops along the street! Toilets here.