About Us


Once we decided to make the move down under our excitement levels were sky high.  All we wanted to do was find out as much information on Perth as possible, however finding information on suburbs, schools and general life in Perth wasn’t so easy! Luckily a friend of ours (Katie) had moved to Perth a year before so she was able to help out with the tons of questions we had prior to our move, this sparked our idea and inspired us to help other migrants.  In 2011 after 6 months of living here Katie and I created A Piece of Perth. After 4 fantastic years Katie and her family sadly had to move back to the UK, leaving the door open for a new APOP partner – Sally.  In 2017 A Piece of Perth saw a complete rebrand and launch of our brand new website.


Moving to Australia was something I’d never imagined doing but after deciding that we wanted to change our lives, moving to the other side of the world seemed like the ultimate adventure. A friend that had already made the move recommended a handy little website called A Piece of Perth which was a godsend as it had all the information I needed and I felt confident using the sponsors on the site. When we finally arrived in 2015 we turned up to our first APOP meet up, and the rest is history!