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We get lots of emails from people who want to emigrate to Australia and those who have immigrated already. Generally a lot of the questions are similar so below we have listed some of our top frequently asked questions.

However if you have a question that we haven’t answered below feel free to drop us an email at enquiries@apieceofperth.com and we’ll do our best to help.

How can A Piece of Perth help me?

Having made the move ourselves we have gone through every emotion involved in migrating. We also know how hard it is finding out all the information you want and need to know about emigrating to and life in Perth. We have tried to minimise those stresses and frustrations as much as possible by including all the need to know information in one place – A one stop shop.

I’m trying to get an idea on the cost of living in Perth, can you help?

Its pretty much impossible to find out the cost of living in Perth by searching the internet so we have included a handy little comparison guide based on our own living expenses and general day to day grocery expenses. All this can be found in our download pack.

Why should I use the businesses recommended on A Piece of Perth?

Of course it is entirely up to you who you use to help in the different areas of migrating, however all the businesses who we have partnered with on the site have either been used by ourselves or have come highly recommended. We have built great relationships with these partners who are extremely proactive and supportive to all migrants who use their services. Having such great relationships has enabled us to offer our readers some great rates and APOP exclusive benefits. To view our current partners click here.

I’m new to Perth and looking to meet new people, do you organise events for migrants?

Having been the newbies ourselves we know how hard and scary it can be meeting new people. The thought of stepping outside your comfort zone and speaking to random people in the hope you have something in common can be a very daunting thought! We try to help minimise the fear and get the conversations starting by organising migrant meet ups. These are very casual events which could just include a sausage sizzle at a local park or a get together in a family friendly pub. We are also looking to run some great nights out too so watch this space.  Our partners also like to get involved and often sponsor events for us.

How can I research the best suburb for me and my family?

It can be a very stressful task trying to find the best suburb to suit you and your families needs especially If you haven’t visited Perth before. There are hundreds of suburbs around Perth to choose from so having a short list of key requirements will be a huge help to narrow down your search. Head over to our “Finding the right suburb” page as this will give you a few suggestions of popular suburbs. We have also put together a handy little suburb map with clickable profiles. These profiles will give you all the need to know info on the suburb including schools, transport links local amenities and more. We are continually adding new suburbs to the map so be sure to check back regularly.

I’m looking for a property rental, can you organise this for me before I arrive?

Unfortunately we do not offer this service. Websites such as www.realestate.com.au and www.Reiwa.com.au will give you an idea of what is on the market. However we can recommend a great short term and holiday rental company head over to Simply Heavens Page for more info.

How do I emigrate to Australia?

Firstly you need to research whether or not you would be eligible to emigrate to Australia, its advisable to speak to to a reputable visa company to find out your options. Most visa agents will be able to give you a little free advice on the phone first to establish your situation. We can highly recommend Easivisa who are based here in Perth, but can help clients situated all over the world. Visit their page where you can complete a free eligibility test to find out if emigrating to Australia is an option for you. Easivisa also offer special rates for A Piece of Perth readers so don’t forget to mention us when making your enquiries.

How do I put in an application for an Australian Visa?

Hiring a visa agent may not be affordable for everyone, it can be costly especially if you have additional family members. You can complete the visa application yourself just head over to the Australian Government department of immigration website to get started. Applying for a visa can be very timely and complex task, Easivisa offer an application review service at a significantly lower cost where you do all the legwork and they review your application to make sure it has been prepared correctly and provide feedback on any issues identified. This is a great way to get peace of mind when applying for your Australian visa. For more information click here

How do I organise shipping to Australia?

Its always to good to get a couple of quotes first, this will give you an idea on what the cost is likely to be which will also help you decide if its worth bringing your whole household items with you or just a few key pieces. For more information on shipping head over to our shipping page.

Are there items that I can’t bring into Australia?

Yes, definitely. Customs have very strict laws on what you can and can’t bring into Australia. Its best to refer to the Australian government Border control website for detailed information.

How do I organise Travel Insurance for my migration?

Many travel companies don’t insure you for a 1 way trip so it can be hard to source the right company. We work with a company called Migration Cover who can cover all aspects of your migration including travel insurance. For more information check out their page.

How do we organise short term accommodation in Perth?

For those who aren’t lucky enough to have friends or family living here already who can offer a place to stay on arrival (majoirty of most migrants!) You will need to organise some short term accommodation. Hotels can be work out very costly especially if you plan to stay there for a couple of months, and lets face it who actually want to stay in a hotel for that long! Simply Heaven offer a huge range of stunning properties throughout Perth. From budget properties to luxury homes they have it all. Simply Heaven are also approved by the WA Tourism board so you have peace of mind when booking with them. To view their current properties and to find out availability contact Kim at Simply Heaven 

We’ve arrived in Australia permanently, what should we organise first?

Once you land in Australia and have gotten over the jet lag, its time to get yourself organised with essentials such as registering for Medicare, setting up your tax file number, registering with CentreLink and changing your drivers licence.  All information on this can be found within our Day to Day living section off the main menu of the website.

How do we set up a bank account in Australia?

Its actually very easy to set up a bank account in Australia, this can be done up to 3 months before you arrive in Australia and is as simple as completing a form and sending it over. Once complete you can start transferring money ready for your arrival. Once you arrive in Perth you just need to do a quick trip to your chosen branch to verify your identification and pick up your bank cards. For more information on seeing up your account head over to the Commonwealth Banks page.

I need to transfer money to Australia, how do I get the best rates?

When transferring money to Australia, many people don’t even think to use a currency transfer expert and just use their banks, believing these are the safest and most trustworthy option.
Transfer specialists such as Moneycorp have been leading the way in currency payments for more than 30 years and offer great exchange rates which typically beat the bank rates.
Payments, too, are around 50-75% cheaper than paying via your bank.
As the market-leader, we have worked with the guys at Moneycorp now for over 5 years and our readers always get the best rates possible. A Piece of Perth readers also get fee-free transfer rates saving you up to $70 at a time. For more information and to get started visit Moneycorp

I’m looking to buy a property, how do I find out if it’s possible on my visa?

Before looking for your dream home its advisable to speak to a reputable mortgage broker to find out your options and of course how much you can afford. The Commonwealth bank are a valued trusted partner of A Piece of Perth and go above and beyond to offer our readers the best rates possible.