Countdown to your removal

We've done the research for you!

6 Months
We recommend that you plan what items you wish to take and research how much it would cost to replace the items that you are not taking, as many household items can be more expensive at destination. To help you decide we recommend that you do a bit of Internet searching and compare replacement costs. Depending on the country you are moving to it maybe cost effective to ship your car with you. However please be aware that taxes may apply if you haven’t owned or used your car within 12 months or certain countries may apply a tax on importation. If you are interested in shipping your car please discuss this with your Account Manager or one of our Car specialists.
The full removal costs for your international move will ultimately depend on the quantity of household and personal effects you wish to take with you. To assist we offer every removal client a FREE NO OBLIGATION home survey where we will discuss your move in more detail and assess the volume of effects you wish to send. We can also prepare multiple different estimates to exclude any items that you are not sure about.

3 Months
If you are shipping your car you may need to obtain additional documentation such as import approval, permit or compliance. PSS can assist you every step of the way and if necessary put you in touch with the correct personnel to obtain any necessary documentation. If you are sending household or personal effects this is the time when it is best to start organising the clearing out of items you are not intending to take with you, Facebook, Gumtree, ebay and boot sales are great ways to sell items. It also maybe a good idea to discuss this with your move consultant as in some instances you may decide to add or remove certain items from your moving list. Essentially you could make a saving by leaving a large bulky item of furniture off your shipping list however it is also a good idea to check the cost of replacing this item upon arrival as well as your relocation budget. Rest assured we will be on hand to guide you through this process every step of the way. Any queries or questions please contact one of our moving consultants.

2 Months
Plan your travel dates and also your packing dates with your removal company. Speak to your Move Cooridinator for advice on shipping times and schedules.

6-4 Weeks
Contact your Move Cooridnator to book your removal date. This can be done earlier if possible. We recommend that your removal/packing day isn’t the same date as your completion day. We suggest that you give yourself a few days after your removal date to tie up any lose ends or remove any unwanted items from your residence.

3 Weeks
Begin to prepare and complete your Shipment protection form.

1 Week
Make sure that all necessary documentation has been completed and returned to your Move Coordinator. For Canada and US it is essential we receive certain documentation before shipment can commence.

1 day before removal
The day before the removal please make sure that any travel documents and bags are clearly separated from your shipping items ready for the packing crews arrival.

Removal Day
The big day has arrived. Relax and let our removal crew take care of your possessions while you look forward to your new life.

At PSS we have a wealth of experience in successfully managing removals to many countries worldwide. As one of the largest private migrant shippers in the UK we can offer a range of shipment options tailored to your individual needs. We can happily arrange for one of our Moving Consultants to visit you at your home and discuss your requirements in more detail. Your move will be managed by one of our highly trained and experienced move coordinators making your move as smooth, stress free and enjoyable as possible for more information visit and to contact PSS through APOP Directory