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Aussie Lingo

We've done the research for you!

When you first move to Australia you realise that there is a lot of abbreviated language and funny words/sayings that you need to learn pretty quickly to avoid looking silly.  To help you along your way so you don’t make any embarrassing language faux pas, here is a handy translation list of Aussie Lingo for you.

For example, if someone invites you round to their place and says, “bring a plate” don’t turn up with an empty plate!  They mean bring a plate of food to share with everyone.   If you’re in a department store trying to find something and the assistant says it’s near Manchester, they’re not being funny, they mean it is near the bedding department.  Aussies call bedding/linen, Manchester.   You will be asked a lot at the checkout if you have flybys, this is an Australian loyalty program that a lot of the big retailers are part of, just like your Tesco club card!

Aussie  English
Straya Australia
Arvo Afternoon
G’day Hello
No worries OK
Far Out Excellent, wonderful, marvellous
Barbie Barbeque
Bogan Red neck, uncultured person
Hoon Boy Racer
Galah Silly Person….. also a species of bird
Bottlo Off Licence
Esky Ice box/bag
Tinny Can of Beer
Schooner of beer Small Pint
Stubby Small Beer Bottle
Stubby Holder Insulated bottle holder
Goon Cheap Wine
Macca’s   McDonalds
Hungry Jacks Burger King
Tucker Food
Avo Avocado (Aussies love em!)
Chips Crisps
Hot Chips Normal Chips
Lollies Sweets
Fairy Bread Bread and Butter sprinkled with hundreds and thousands, commonly found at kids parties
Footy Aussie Rules Football (AFL), unless you’re on the East Coast then it might be Rugby!
Soccer Football
Yarn Chat
Accadacca ACDC, Australia’s most famous and loved band
Defo Definitely
Servo Petrol Station
Tradie Trades Person
Ambo Ambulance
Dag Funny Person
Dunny Toilet
Fair Dinkum True/Real
Heaps Lots/Loads
Chockers Full
Ripper Great/Fantastic
Strewth /Crikey OMG
Stoked Pleased
Sheila Female
Thongs Flip Flops
Boardies Swim shorts
Sunnies Sunglasses
Long Pants Trousers
Short Pants Shorts