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Renting in Perth

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Renting in Perth

There are two ways in which you can start renting in Perth and the process is quite different from that in the UK. In Australia all real estate agents advertise their listings on websites so you do not need to contact the agents and register your details. There are two main real estate websites which are and all of the real estate agents listings should be on there.

The majority of the agents hold open days and have application forms available for anyone that may be interested in the property. Depending on the suburb and price this may mean that you could be 1 of 20 plus people viewing that property. These websites will need to be checked almost daily for new listings.

Once you find a property you like it’s imperative that you get as much information over to the real estate agent with your application as soon as possible, this can include work & personal references, proof of monies in the bank, any relevant qualification paperwork and also letters from prospective employers. The more you have the better your chances will be. You can secure a rental even if you haven’t found employment as long as you can show that you have sufficient funds in the bank.

Generally you can opt for a 6 months lease as a minimum although landlords prefer 12 months.

Once you have been notified that you have the property the agent will contact you to sort a moving in date and organise for you to go to their office to read through the tenancy agreement and pay your bond which is generally 4 weeks rent in advance.

The agent will supply you with a property condition report including photo’s. It’s advisable that you read this and make notes on the report of anything you don’t agree with or damage that has not been picked up. This will help you get your bond back at the end of the agreement.

The agents will do property inspections every 3 months and will supply you with a list of what they will be looking for i.e clean oven, garden maintained etc.

If you rent a property through a private landlord, you will find Gumtree your best source .   The private landlords are more flexible with viewing times and will try and work to timings that suit you however if they get lots of enquiries they may opt to do an open house similar to that of the real estate agents. They will also do property checks and hold a bond which will be held with the Bond Administrators.