Holiday back to Blighty anyone?

We've done the research for you!

Three and a half years, that’s all it took to save for a holiday back to the UK. It was a kind of now or never situation and bought on a tidal wave of thoughts and emotions. OH was ridiculously excited organising catch ups with his pals and family. I on the other hand wasn’t that overcome! I don’t know why, the thought of seeing my friends and family bought tears to my eyes, friendships and relationships you have cultivated for years, these are the people that REALLY know you but making the decision to start again on the other side of the world has given me an affinity with myself and my new life that I fiercely protect.

Quite frankly Perth International airport leaves a lot to be desired but after a couple glasses of Sav Blanc I was feeling the love, thank god as my 16 month old decided to stay awake the whole leg of the first trip. Five hour stopover in Dubai (wouldn’t recommend) three very tired kids and parents later, embarking on the second round of the trip to Gatwick airport. ‘Keep an eye out the window kids, when we get through the fog, you’ll see Sussex in all it’s glory’ nope we just hit the run way, ahh the great British weather!

Now army corporal mum rears her ugly head ‘We have our itinerary and if we are going to fit everyone in we must stick to it!’

That meant visiting a minimum of 2 people a day, one day I think we did 4. Had to get some shopping in and was rather depressed that you could buy a quiche in Asda for a quid instead of the thieving $14 dollars in IGA, oh and strawberries a pound, tomatoes a pound, juice a pound, well everything was a pound, grrrr Perth mining boom.

Maybe it was me but all I saw were people rushing around at 90 miles an hour, very rarely a smile on their face and looking quite ill. I know it’s been tough in the UK the last few years, many people we know have struggled with work and honestly it made me feel sad.

Our 2 and a half weeks wasn’t enough but I don’t think 4 would have been to spend quality time with people, babies have been born since we left, marriages happened, houses bought and sold and I ended up feeling completely deflated that I let a few people down because of lack of time.

I couldn’t wait to get back to WA, the last time I felt so excited about getting on a plane for 18 hours was when we were migrating.

My friends and family all know I love them dearly but a stressful, emotional, exhausting 2 weeks of running around is not my idea of fun or a holiday which is why next year loads of the family have already booked to come and spend some quality time here…..on a beach…..with a sausage… 40 degrees.

Of course Brighton will always have a place in my heart, it’s where I was born, bought up, met my beautiful friends but for now I am firmly calling Perth home, lets just give it another 3 and half years anyway 🙂