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Migration Insurance

We've done the research for you!

Migration Cover is a unique migration insurance created specifically for people who are immigrating.

We aim to alleviate the risks and concerns you have, to give you confidence to make the move and enjoy your new life.
Our experience has shown that people who are moving to a new country are also concerned about:

  • Leaving their family behind
  • Leaving their property behind
  • Finding another job in their host country, if they are involuntarily made redundant
  • Illness or death in the family
  • Travel Insurance for their journey and when they arrive in their new country

That is why we created Migration Cover!
You can tailor a Migration Cover package to suit your needs.

Choose from three different options with add-ons and KIDS ARE FREE!

APOP visitors also get discounted rates! Use POP1610 in promo field to received 10% off any Migration Cover policy purchased.

Peace of mind for your big move is more affordable than you think!

So you can now Go with Confidence!™ and Stay with Confidence!™

Visit for more information and to get a quote

If you simply require Travel Insurance, Migration Cover would like to introduce you to our affiliate, Voyager Insurance, who can look after your travel Insurance requirements.

You can also download our Cheat Sheet  which provides a quick and easy to follow guide to the Migration Cover
purchasing process, and our product guide which offers a quick overview of the product range.