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John Mason International Movers are one of the UK’s leading international shipping and removal companies. Established in 1884, we have many years of experience in the international moving industry, including over 80 years experience in moving people overseas.

We move thousands of individuals and families to Australia every year. Each and every shipment is handled with care to ensure that you get the best start in your new home. Each customer is allocated a personal Move Manager who will be responsible for your move and who will be a direct point of contact throughout the entire process.

Please see below for the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding moving to Australia. For further advice and guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Professional advisors are always available to help.

How do i arrange a home survey?

Home surveys are used to estimate the volume of items to be shipped. A surveyor will visit your residence and go through your property on a room by room basis. You will need to point out the items which are to be shipped. The surveyor will create an inventory from this list and your quotation will be based on the total volume of your shipment. Various shipping options will also be discussed and the surveyor will advise on the best option.

During the home survey, there will also be an opportunity to ask questions about transit times, sailing details, customs requirements and other queries. Your surveyor will also advise you on the items which you can and can’t take to Australia as per Australia’s customs and quarantine regulations.

Can i take food in my shipment?

We would not recommend taking food in your shipment as this can cause delays. If you do want to take certain items, you will need to contact your Move Manager for a list of restricted items and for advice on the possible implications.

Can i take alcohol in my shipment?

Alcohol is expensive to import into Australia – high customs duty and taxes will be charged. If you do plan to include alcohol in your shipment, we will provide an Alcohol Declaration form for you to complete.

Can i take wicker baskets/wicker items in my shipment?

Wicker / Cane items such as baskets and chairs are likely to be inspected and sent for fumigation if considered by AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) officers to be a risk to Australia’s natural environment.

How can i prepare my household items before moving to Australia?

All outdoor items must be spotlessly cleaned and disinfected prior to shipping. All traces of visible dirt must be removed then the items must be disinfected with a product such as Jeyes fluid. This is applicable to all outdoor items such as golf clubs, bicycles, sports equipment, gardening equipment, children’s outdoor play equipment and shoes.

Can i include candles in my shipment?

We would advise not to ship candles if possible as beeswax is a prohibited / restricted item. In addition, candles are at risk of melting during transit. If you do wish to take candles, it is advisable to place the candles inside a plastic container to prevent leakage.

What are the transit times to Perth (via sea freight)? 

Exclusive Use Container – approximately 8-10 weeks door to door

Shared Container Service – approximately 10 – 14 weeks door to door

What is the process when my shipment arrives in Perth?

When your shipment has arrived in the port of Fremantle and has cleared customs, our destination agent will contact you with regards to your delivery.

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