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Migration Checklist


We know how hard the whole migration process can be, so breaking down our migration checklist into timeframes can help simplify your migration and give you a clearer picture on what you need to be doing and when.

Starting the process

  • Look into what visa you are eligible for and whether your skills are needed in Australia. The process can be bumpy and exhilarating and you want an agent who will share that with you and understand the emptions you will be experiencing at each stage of your migration. Check out A Piece of Perth’s recommend visa agents for some no obligation advice.
  • Start your research. A ‘reccie’ visit is not essential but research is! Start investigating employment opportunities and potential earnings.
  • Start thinking seriously about the big things such as money!! Will you sell your property? Rent it out? Set up a savings plan and work towards a financial goal like paying off cards and loans.
  • Think about whether you want to do any travelling before you settle in Perth and whether money and time will allow it. WA has some incredible sights and all so accessible.


12 Months

  • Go through paperwork and make a file of important docs that will be needed throughout the process and as soon as you arrive. Passports, full birth certificates, bank statements, life insurance docs, wills, driving licenses, qualifications, marriage certificates, children’s immunisations etc.
  • Get shipping quotes. Doing it at this stage will help you to decide what you will be taking and what you will leave behind or sell. Check out A Piece of Perth’s recommended shipping companies and some of the most FAQ’s.
  • If you are moving a pet, check out our Pet relocation page. This is a long process and you will need at least 7 months for immunisations and blood tests etc.


6 Months

  • Check out our Suburb Profiles page and interactive map and kick-start your research. Each profile has comprehensive information including, location, local amenities, schools, transport links, beaches & leisure and real estate.
  • Start looking at flights and thinking about flight times and whether a stopover is relevant. Night flights are great if you are travelling with young ones. Also look into stop over destinations and lengths of flights.
  • Start thinking about opening your Australian bank account.
  • Register with a currency broker to get the best rate when transferring your funds to your Australian account. Moneycorp offer fee free transfers for all APOP friends.
  • Make sure you have 2 years on your passports; the visa company will request them to attach your visa once it has been issued, and renewing after this point will cause complications.
  • Make enquiries if you are selling or renting out a property and think about temporary accommodation if you have to move before your emigration date.


3 Months

  • Book car hire and holiday accommodation – remember a piece of Perth can help with this.
  • Update your CV. Apply for any relevant qualification certificates or work place cards that can be done on line. Use our directory to get all relevant info.
  • Request personal references, employer references and bank references. These will help secure your first rental property.


1 Month

  • Collate all your paperwork ready to present to employers/landlords/real estate agents and have in order.
  • Speak with doctors about relevant medical history. Remember schools will not take children without an up to date immunisation list. Take doctors notes if you have ongoing medical conditions as this may help if you need to seek medical advice immediately. If you are shipping medication, get a doctor’s note for emigration authorities.
  • Contact all utility companies, council tax, TV, insurance, standing orders, gym membership and give a date to cancel.
  • Organise post to be re-directed and contact brokers, tax office, accountants etc with a change of address.
  • Confirm flight and accommodation booking. Confirm shipping company packing date and ask your last minute questions. Confirm car rental.
  • Try and spend some quality time with friends and loved ones.
  • Start booking your leaving parties and organising good bye meals.
  • Book check-ups and final appointments with dentists, chiropractors, physio’s and any other health care professionals.
  • Start packing. Double check average weather temps on all stop offs and pack relevant clothing and accessories at the top.


1 Week

  • Organise who is taking you to the airport. Look at getting there by coach or taxi to avoid upsetting goodbyes.
  • Cancel newspapers and subscriptions.
  • Change up some Aussie dollars.
  • Finish off packing
  • Pack an activity bag for children with books and colouring, cards, little toys they have not seen before to help keep them occupied on the flight.


1 Day

  • Get a good night’s sleep, eat well and drink lots of water the day before ready for the flight ahead.
  • Get excited


You are about to start LIVING THE DREAM!

You can download a copy of The Migration Checklist through our download pack, a great tool to stick on the fridge!