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Do you want to emigrate to Australia?
Come and find out how at Down Under Live; the UK’s number one event for downunder. This is the UK’s BIGGEST dedicated event for Australia & New Zealand, featuring the best emigration seminar around – a whole day of invaluable help and advice. Our emigration expo features specialist exhibitors, experts on every aspect of the migration process.

If a job downunder is what you are searching for, then you’ll find a host of opportunities in Australia and New Zealand, including state sponsored jobs, and both skilled and trades positions. Talk to our recruitment team about finding your ideal job down under!

Down Under Live! is your best guide to moving to Australia – and its here in the UK. Presented in a friendly and helpful atmosphere, we will answer all your questions and help make your dream a reality.

Our shows contain a wealth of information that will save both time and money for anyone looking to migrate or get a new job in Australia. Exhibitors at the show include Australian state governments, recruiters and specialists on every aspect of migration to Australia ; from visa agents through to pension transfer and property agents.

A major feature of Down Under Live is the seminar programme, which runs on both days of the show, and contains

A guide to visas for Australia, helping you to find the right one and saving you time and money.
Expert independent advice on shipping your goods, transferring your money to Australia, how to deal with tax and more.
Where to live in Australia – what each state has to offer and how house prices and the job market differs across the country.
Question and answer sessions that allow you to learn everything you need to know about making the move of a lifetime.
Our shows are backed by the number one magazine for life downunder – Australia New Zealand Magazine – meaning that you can be assured of getting impartial and practical advice in a friendly and helpful environment.

Don’t delay, get your tickets now for the UK’s number one event for Australia – Down Under Live!

If you want to emigrate to Australia, are looking for employment or want to travel around this iconic country, then you need to be at Down Under Live!

Visit the down under live website for more information on dates and venue location.