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When it came to the point in our migration of transferring our savings over to our Australian bank account we automatically thought we would do this through our banks. We had never needed to transfer money overseas before, especially not a large amount so we never knew there were other options available.  It wasn’t until our visa agent recommended Moneycorp to us that we realised we could get a better exchange rate resulting in more $ for our new life down under! Winning!!

We have worked with the Moneycorp team now for over 5 years and although we know what they do and why its great using them we’ve asked them to share a little info for our readers to help better understand the Industry, what distinguishes an FX provider from a bank, how they can benefit and save money, and just generally enlighten and clarify what can be a ‘foggy’ mindset around needing to transfer money or send it abroad.

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About Moneycorp

moneycorp has been helping both individual and corporate clients since 1979.

As a foreign exchange specialist, moneycorp Group has been helping our clients save time and money on their foreign exchange and international payments for over 35 years. It is our priority to service Institutional, Corporate and Private clients, with a team of dedicated individuals that have a long and extensive career within the Financial Services Industry.

moneycorp has a unique approach to serving your currency needs: we listen. We pride ourselves on ensuring the products and services we provide meet your needs in a robust and transparent way.

Our size is also a big part of our success. We’re large enough to undertake the largest transfers, yet small enough to add the personal touch to every transaction we make for our customers.

Offices in the UK, France, Spain, USA, Ireland, Gibraltar and Romania.

TTT Moneycorp Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the provision of payment services.

moneycorp foreign exchange

Personal Solutions


Whether you need to send money abroad as a one-off payment or regular overseas payments, the moneycorp can help by providing the right service, in the right way.

One-off Payments and Regular Payments

Every day we help customers with their one-off payments and their regular monthly payments. We strive to use our expertise to get one of the most competitive exchange rates and lowest fees on international payments.

Moneycorp online

Our online payments system has been designed with clients in mind. Available 24 hours a day with great rates and fees, it is the easy way to send money overseas.

What can you do using moneycorp Online?

  • Buy and sell multiple currencies in amounts up to £100,000. For amounts higher than £100,000, our dealing team will be happy to help you personally.
  • Pay using either a debit card or funds already on account with moneycorp.
  • Store payment and recipient details to make repeat transfers with ease.
  • View your full transaction history.

Click here for more information or to open a moneycorp account.  Also APOP readers get fee-free transfers! Happy Days 🙂